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How to choose the right hat?

Summer is here and our mood has changed! It’s time to relax and enjoy the sun. Having said that, we all know that we need to protect ourselves under the sun and what better way to do so than wearing a hat.

‘Onar’ handmade Raffia hats are here to give you the extra luxury that you need while protecting yourself.

They are named after the Ancient Greek Nymphs and each of them has a story to tell…

How can you choose the right hat depending on your face shape and body type, so you can upgrade your personal style and give it a unique touch of glamour? Follow the ‘Onar’ guide and find out which style and color can make you look like a Nymph!

Small Brim Hats

women's hat; raffia hat; handmade hat; Calypso Small hat; Thetis hat; Nereid hat; Hesperides hat; onar

Small brim hats like ‘Calypso’ Small, ‘Thetis’, ‘Nereid' or ‘Hesperides’ are perfect for women who are shorter in stature, with smaller shaped face and shoulders.

Medium or Large Brim Hats

hat; hats; women's hat; raffia hat; handmade hat; hats Australia; Calypso large hat; Calypso medium hat; Calypso II large hat; Calypso II medium hat; onar

Medium or large brim hats like ‘Calypso’ Large or Medium and ‘Calypso II’ Large or Medium are more suitable for taller women or with wider shoulders.


If you have dark hair you can choose from a great variety of colors such as red, blue, green, yellow, fuchsia or even black or beige, just avoid the last two options if you have pale skin.

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If you have blond hair, black, red, blue or green will be perfect for you.

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When you choose the color of your hat, always consider the color of your outfit. Make sure they match and if you have a colorful dress choose a plain color for your hat.

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It is always a good idea to experiment with your style so don't hesitate to try colors or styles that you haven't tried before.

Hope we have helped you to choose the right hat for you. We will be really happy if you post your photo with your 'Onar' hat on our Instagram and share your personal suggestion with us!


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