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Care & Reshaping

Raffia Sun Hats and Bags Care

Use a small amount of water to spot clean, only when required. Please handle light colored bags and sun hats carefully to avoid marking or staining.

Do not use chemical cleaners as this may stain or damage the raffia and cause discoloration.

Due to raffia’s natural qualities, and our signature woven crochet and braid techniques there are no visible knots or joins, raffia fibers are woven in on top of each other continuously. However in some cases you might find some knots, please do not pull them. This traditional technique can also sometimes result in a few fly-away fibers; these can simply be trimmed and will not cause damage to the product.

As raffia is a natural fiber, colors may soften over time. Natural variations in color are a common characteristic of raffia resulting in each product carrying its own unique personality.


  1. Stuff the crown with plain, colorless tissue paper.
  2. Using a domestic iron on the ‘steam’ setting, steam the outer and inner sections of the hat until warm and slightly moist to touch.
  3. Re-form the hat to the desired shape. Brim edges can be reshaped by running fingers and thumb along the brim edge in a very gentle stretching motion.
  4. Allow to cool and dry in a well-ventilated area out of direct sunlight.